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New York Gay Strippers

how to find gay strippers and LGBT exotic dancers in New York

Hire New York Gay Strippers Today!

Our gay strippers (exotic dancers) are 100% authentic and their pictures are real.

Dream Boyz is dedicated to providing you with the best in New York ​stripper entertainment. Our male and female exotic dancers are ready to rock your party with a funny intro, an amazing show, and sexy dancing all throughout the night! Our dancers come from far and wide and are the best in their city. If you’re looking for an amazing party with a fun and seductive twist, then you’ve come to the right place.

A New York Stripper Agency You Can Trust

Dream Boyz is a division of Wild Entertainment, a Las Vegas-based gay adult entertainment agency. We have been in business since 2010 and averages 5 stars on Google.  We are A+ certified by the Better Business Bureau for over 12 years.  Google “Wild Entertainment Las Vegas” to learn more.

We take great pride in providing the best gay and LGBT stripper entertainment in America.

Gay and LGBT Strippers in the media
New York gay strippers

Stripper Pricing and Options

How much is a lap dance at a strip club?

Most lap dances cost an average of $20 to $40 each and last about two to three minutes (according to average lap dance prices in Las Vegas 2023).

How much does a Striptainer (exotic dancer) cost?

Not including tips, the average price is $250. Your total might be higher depending on upgrades and how far your party location is.

Which special occasions does your agency provide services for?

Any and every occasion including: Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthdays, Anniversary, Divorce Party, Reunions, Graduation, and Office Parties.

What are some crazy fun gay bachelor party games?

There are many crazy games that you can play at your gay bachelor party. A few include: Memories, Never Have I Ever, Lingerie Shower Bingo, Hide and Go Seek, Newlywed Game, Scavenger Hunt, “Drink If” Game, The Deep Throat Cucumber Contest, Whipped Cream Boat Raced, Suck-for-a-Buck, Bachelor Jenga, and Merry Go Round.

How do I make a bachelor party more exciting?

Instead, organize a wild night out. Take a look at the bachelor’s bucket list and ask him about his aspirations. For planning guidance, ideas, tips, and techniques, visit a useful website like Gay Bachelor Party Guide. The finest part of the bachelor party experience is the suspense, so do your best as the best man to keep your plans a secret.
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About Strippers aka Exotic Dancers

Find Sexy New York Strippers For Your Party

We are pleased to provide the top gay strippers in New York for birthday, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. However, you can use our service in any kind of party environment.

Are you willing to boost your entertainment with New York’s premier stripping agency? To keep you happy, only the greatest gay dancers are chosen, taught, and assisted. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and raise the bar.

We have strict screening and training procedures for all performers. This ensures that at all of your events, you’ll receive only the best services. You don’t get amateurs or hidden expenses. Just fantastic customer service from our staff.

Join the thousands of other delighted New York citizens by entrusting us with your event.

The best exotic entertainment for gay bachelor parties in New York

Make your gay bachelor party in New York one to remember, gentlemen! Our business can help you hire a few stunning LGBT strippers.

The dancers that perform with us as entertainers have skills that are unique to them, are a lot of fun, and are also skilled workers who sincerely enjoy what they do.

Impress your friends with our fantastic New York strippers. Each of our LGBT strippers are capable of putting on a delicious Two Guy or Two Girl Gay/Lesbian Fantasy Show. Consequently, why spend extra money at a strip club if you aren’t going to get what you want?

Nowhere else will you see our men, women and LGBT performing such sensual, empowering dances. Contact us to learn more about our fantasy programs.

Gay Strippers for Hire in New York

Many of our gay exotic performers have been highlighted in books and catalogs. Additionally, they have participated in countless strip shows at nightclubs and pubs in the area. Our dancers are among of the most in-demand entertainers at New York. They can compete against nearly any LGBT exotic dancer and prevail.

We only display actual strippers with pictures on our website. For a better understanding of what you’re getting, you may also watch videos of some of our gay strippers that are available for hiring.

By reading the reviews of each stripper, you can tell you’re going to have a great time. Enjoy!

You can upgrade the entertainment at your event by purchasing from us right here on our website.

New York Strippers for bachelor and bachelorette parties will show up at your event! You can choose among performers who have a successful track record. If you give us the chance, we’ll make your celebration a moment you won’t soon forget!

Keep in mind that our New York strippers are accessible seven days a week.

Amazing Things for New York Gay Bachelors!

For you clients, we offer New York’s most attractive gay men. You may hire them to do a hot striptease for your bachelorette party in New York. Our sexy strippers will do whatever to make your night out unforgettable.

So you know precisely what you’re getting, our New York  male strippers for hire include honest responses to personality questions in their bios. Your party will be a big success if you read our reviews of each hottie.

Hiring gay strippers today in New York

No matter where you are in the country, you may hire strippers from Dream Boyz New York, which provides private dancers. Your geography need not be a barrier when hiring strippers for a bachelor party.

Many people believe that living in a large city is a requirement if you want to hire professional strippers for an occasion. Thankfully, that’s not the case. The best gay strippers in the business will be at your door when you work with us, ready to party with you and your LGBT friends.

We hire only the best

One benefit of hiring male or female strippers for a private event is that you may choose who dances for your guests. When choosing the kind of strippers you want for your bachelor or bachelorette party, New York won’t force you to compromise.

Only the sexiest strippers who pass a rigorous hiring process are hired by Dream Boyz. All of the wmen who perform for us are stunning and fantastic strippers. You can consider your options and decide which dancers to hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Ready to Hire a Gay Stripper?

A short list of stripper parties that Dream Boyz provides dancers for:

  • Gay Bachelor Party
  • Lesbian Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Guys Night Out Party
  • Ladies Night Out Party
  • Cop / Fireman / Doctor Party
  • Divorce Party
  • Office Party
  • Reunion / Anniversary / Renewals / Baby Showers
  • And many more occasions!

Do you want party strippers with experience?

Dream Boyz made their debut as one of the local gay stripping businesses in 2010. They soon realized that there was a much more demand for private male and female strippers than they had anticipated.

More than a thousand strippers who only perform for this agency have been employed thus far. Another crucial requirement for Dream Boyz is high-quality entertainment.

We continuously strive for integrity, ethics, and innovation, and the agency consistently leads this industry.

How Much Should I Budget for Strippers for a Bachelor Party in New York?

Dream Boyz makes up the difference by offering their clients the lowest agency fees available in the United States because excellence comes at a premium.  We want you get the most bang out of your buck!

Do You Have What It Takes To Make The First Move?

Make sure to set a date as soon as you can for your bachelorette party. Using the secure online ordering process, you may complete your order in less than five minutes. You won’t regret selecting Dream Boyz as your preferred gay stripper agency.

Now that you are more informed about where to look, when to book, and how to pay for your male dancer, you can place an order with Dream Boyz online with confidence.

New York is Gay Friendly

New York is generally considered to be relatively LGBTQ+ friendly. The state has made strides in supporting LGBTQ+ rights and creating an inclusive atmosphere. Here are a few points to consider:

1. **Legal Protections:** New York has legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in areas such as employment, housing, and public accommodations.

2. **Same-Sex Marriage:** New York  legalized same-sex marriage following a federal court ruling. This allows LGBTQ+ couples to legally marry and have their marriages recognized by the state.

3. **Vibrant LGBTQ+ Community:** New York has a visible and active LGBTQ+ community with various events, organizations, and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies.

4. **Nightlife and Entertainment:** New York offers LGBTQ+ friendly bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. The state hosts LGBTQ+ events and celebrations, and often displays messages of support for LGBTQ+ rights. You can also find a wide variety of New York gay strippers at Dream Boyz.

5. **Tourism and Events:** New York hosts LGBTQ+ events such as Pride celebrations, drag shows, and LGBTQ+ film festivals. These events contribute to an inclusive atmosphere and draw visitors from around the world.

6. **Supportive Businesses:** Many businesses in New York, including hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, are known for being welcoming to LGBTQ+ patrons.

7. **Visibility and Representation:** There are LGBTQ+ organizations, advocacy groups, and community centers in New York that work to promote equality, provide resources, and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues.

However, it’s important to note that experiences can vary depending on specific locations within the state and individual attitudes. While the overall climate in New York  tends to be accepting, there may still be instances of discrimination or challenges for LGBTQ+ individuals, as in any other place.

If you are planning to visit or move to New York  and are looking for LGBTQ+ friendly spaces and resources, it’s a good idea to do some research, connect with local LGBTQ+ organizations, and read recent reviews to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the state’s LGBTQ+ friendliness.

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Private Gay Party Strippers in New York

Get Ready for your gay bachelor party in New York

Even while hiring the best exotic dancers may help a bachelor party be a major success, there are still a few additional steps you’ll want to take to ensure you’re adequately prepared. Before everything else, make sure the dancer or dancers you’re hiring have enough room to perform.

If you want your party expert to dance for you, you should provide them as much space as they need because if you ask them to dance in a small space, they might not have enough area for their sexiest moves.

Make sure that everyone coming to the party brings money to tip the staff. Our dancers are willing to go above and above for tips. considerably though you can expect an excellent performance anyway, it will be considerably more fun if you remember to tip.

Finally, call the location for your gay bachelor party on the day of the event to confirm. In New York, you don’t want the stripper to show up in the wrong spot. Check to see if they have the right address and any additional instructions.

If you want to hire strippers for your upcoming private party but don’t know where to find the best gay adult entertainment, you’ve come to the correct spot. The exotic dancers at Dream Boyz are outstanding at what they do. The entertainment at the party will be amazing and you won’t soon forget it.

How to Hire Strippers for your Gay Bachelor Party in New York

You might not know where to go for the best adult entertainment in terms of elite female dancers if you’ve never had to plan a gay bachelor or gay bachelorette party.

Even if you’re looking for skilled, experienced New York gay strippers, you still need to pick the greatest gay exotic dancer supplier for your important event.

New York Dream Boyz entertainment company has excellent dancers for private gay stripper parties of any kind, day or night events, birthday parties, cop strippers, or whatever else you select.

Stripper Economics

The best gay strippers are in high demand and frequently have more work than they can handle, according to normal stripper economics.

Planning for an event days in advance is possible. However, getting an A-list stripper that same night at 9 o’clock is difficult to impossible.

The less desirable performers who provide their services for $100 or less will likely have to put up with you if you prioritize finding a cheap stripper for hire.

Imagine a 42-year-old stripper who shows up at your house wasted out of his mind. No one will care about the money you saved in this case.

Additionally, keep in mind that most companies charge more for last-minute exotic dancer bookings, even though you’ll still get a B-list dancer who is less appealing.

So don’t allow hiring subpar strippers get you into trouble. Avoid any stripper agency that sends out less desirable gay strippers by going with your intuition.

The Best Gay Exotic Dancers New York Has to Offer

Before paying the strippers you hire to perform at your event, make sure they are the best at what they do. Choose dancers that can hold an audience’s interest while still being really appealing.

When you work with strippers, you may hire professional dancers who typically perform at birthday parties, gay bachelor parties, divorce parties, and private gatherings. Dream Boyz New York exclusively look for the hottest strippers. If you simply want the ideal, then you ought to select this company.

What You Should Know About Tipping

You are free to decide how much to tip your dancer. The staff members work very hard to make their customers happy in order to earn tips. Other companies who provide so-called cheap strippers typically fail to mention the fact that they want forced gratuities, which can easily quadruple the price you paid. Stay away from these dishonest stripper businesses listed on New York.

Get Premium Service at a Discount

It can be expensive to plan a party, especially when LGBT exotic dancers are involved. If you want to plan an event that people will talk about for years while being on a tight budget, working with Dream Boyz is a wonderful idea.

Contact Dream Boyz LGBT Adult Entertainment Agency right away if you’re interested in learning how much it would cost to hire an exotic dancer for your private event. Finding a job is easy. You may book a dancer for your event online in three easy steps.

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Ways to celebrate a gay bachelor party in New York

New York offers a wide range of exciting activities for a gay man celebrating his bachelor party. Here are some fun suggestions that cater to different interests and preferences:

Gay Stripper Party:
With Dream Boyz, you can invite hunks to come to you and show you and your friends a great time!

Gay Nightlife and Clubs:
New York is known for its vibrant nightlife. Explore LGBTQ+ friendly clubs and bars for a night of dancing, music, and entertainment.

Drag Shows:
Catch a fabulous drag show. These shows offer high-energy performances and a great atmosphere.

Gay Pool Parties:
Many of the major hotels and resorts host pool parties during the day. Look for LGBTQ+ friendly pool parties that offer a combination of relaxation, sunbathing, and lively music.

Spa Day:
Enjoy a relaxing spa day with your group at one of the luxurious resorts in New York. It’s a great way to unwind and pamper yourselves before the night’s festivities.

Food and Dining:
New York boasts a diverse culinary scene. Explore a variety of restaurants, from upscale dining to casual eateries, to enjoy delicious meals with your friends.

Gaming and Casinos:
If you’re into gambling and gaming, New York is the perfect place. Spend an evening trying your luck at the casinos, slot machines, and table games.

If you and your friends enjoy golf, you can hit the links at one of the many golf courses in and around New York. Some courses offer stunning desert landscapes.

Helicopter Tours:
Experience breathtaking views of the New York and surrounding areas with a helicopter tour. It’s a unique way to see the city from a different perspective.

Outdoor Adventures:
Consider taking a day trip to explore the natural beauty of nearby attractions. These locations offer opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, and photography.

Private Gay Parties:
You could also organize a private event or party at a rented villa, mansion, or suite to celebrate in a more personalized and intimate setting.

Remember to plan ahead and make reservations for any activities you’re interested in, as New York can get quite busy. Additionally, always prioritize the preferences and comfort of the bachelor and the guests when planning the activities.

lgbt strippers for hire in New York

Map of New York Strippers

Drag Queen Shows in New York

New York, a state known for its vibrant entertainment scene, plays host to a spectacular array of drag queen shows that are as dazzling as they are culturally significant. These performances, held across the state, offer a unique blend of artistry, empowerment, and celebration of identity.

In New York, the epitome of glitz and glamour, drag queen shows take center stage in some of the city’s most iconic venues. Performers, such as New York gay strippers, bedecked in flamboyant costumes and theatrical makeup command the spotlight, captivating audiences with their charismatic stage presence and impeccable lip-syncing prowess. Beyond the surface, these shows are a testament to the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience and creative expression. They serve as a reminder that New York’s entertainment landscape is about embracing diversity and authenticity.

New York boasts its own share of drag queen extravaganzas. These performances transcend the boundaries of traditional entertainment, blending elements of comedy, dance, and music to create an unforgettable experience. Beyond the entertainment value, these shows also offer an educational aspect, helping to bridge the gap between different communities and fostering understanding of LGBTQ+ culture and history.

Drag queen shows in New York are not just confined to the stage; they contribute significantly to the state’s cultural fabric. The performers, through their larger-than-life personas, pay homage to the pioneers of the LGBTQ+ movement who fought for visibility and acceptance. These shows are a living testament to the progress made and the ongoing struggles faced by the community. By attending these performances, both locals and tourists engage with this cultural narrative, enriching their understanding of the societal shifts that have paved the way for greater equality.

In conclusion, drag queen shows in New York are not just mere entertainment; they are vibrant celebrations of individuality, a showcase of artistry, and a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community’s journey towards acceptance. These performances captivate audiences with their dazzling displays, while also inviting reflection on the broader themes of identity, diversity, and inclusivity. In a state known for its bold and vibrant entertainment scene, drag queen shows stand as a glittering testament to the power of self-expression and the unapologetic celebration of authenticity.

Cities and Counties in New York

All cities in New York

Accord, NY
Adams Center, NY
Adams, NY
Addison, NY
Afton, NY
Akron, NY
Albany, NY
Albertson, NY
Albion, NY
Alden, NY
Alexander, NY
Alexandria Bay, NY
Alfred, NY
Allegany, NY
Allentown, NY
Alma, NY
Almond, NY
Altamont, NY
Altmar, NY
Altona, NY
Amagansett, NY
Amenia, NY
Amityville, NY
Amsterdam, NY
Ancram, NY
Andes, NY
Andover, NY
Angelica, NY
Angola, NY
Antwerp, NY
Apalachin, NY
Aquebogue, NY
Arcade, NY
Ardsley, NY
Argyle, NY
Arkport, NY
Armonk, NY
Ashland, NY
Athens, NY
Atlantic Beach, NY
Attica, NY
Au Sable Forks, NY
Auburn, NY
Aurora, NY
Austerlitz, NY
Ava, NY
Averill Park, NY
Avoca, NY
Avon, NY
Babylon, NY
Bainbridge, NY
Baldwin, NY
Baldwinsville, NY
Ballston Lake, NY
Ballston Spa, NY
Barker, NY
Barneveld, NY
Barton, NY
Batavia, NY
Bath, NY
Bay Shore, NY
Bayport, NY
Bayville, NY
Beacon, NY
Bedford, NY
Belfast, NY
Bellerose, NY
Bellmore, NY
Bellport, NY
Belmont, NY
Bemus Point, NY
Bergen, NY
Berkshire, NY
Berlin, NY
Berne, NY
Bethel, NY
Bethpage, NY
Big Flats, NY
Binghamton, NY
Black River, NY
Blauvelt, NY
Bloomfield, NY
Blooming Grove, NY
Bloomingburg, NY
Blue Point, NY
Bohemia, NY
Bolivar, NY
Bolton Landing, NY
Bombay, NY
Boonville, NY
Boston, NY
Bovina Center, NY
Bradford, NY
Brant, NY
Brasher Falls, NY
Brentwood, NY
Brewerton, NY
Brewster, NY
Briarcliff Manor, NY
Bridgehampton, NY
Bridgeport, NY
Bridgewater, NY
Brightwaters, NY
Broadalbin, NY
Brockport, NY
Brocton, NY
Bronxville, NY
Brookfield, NY
Brookhaven, NY
Brownville, NY
Brushton, NY
Buchanan, NY
Buffalo, NY
Burdett, NY
Burke, NY
Burlington Flats, NY
Byron, NY
Cairo, NY
Calcium, NY
Caledonia, NY
Callicoon, NY
Calverton, NY
Cambria Heights, NY
Cambridge, NY
Camden, NY
Cameron, NY
Camillus, NY
Campbell, NY
Canaan, NY
Canajoharie, NY
Canandaigua, NY
Canaseraga, NY
Canastota, NY
Candor, NY
Caneadea, NY
Canisteo, NY
Canton, NY
Cape Vincent, NY
Carle Place, NY
Carlisle, NY
Carmel, NY
Caroga Lake, NY
Carthage, NY
Cassadaga, NY
Castile, NY
Castleton On Hudson, NY
Castorland, NY
Cato, NY
Catskill, NY
Cattaraugus, NY
Cayuga, NY
Cayuta, NY
Cazenovia, NY
Cedarhurst, NY
Celoron, NY
Center Moriches, NY
Centereach, NY
Centerport, NY
Centerville, NY
Central Islip, NY
Central Square, NY
Central Valley, NY
Champlain, NY
Chappaqua, NY
Charlotteville, NY
Chateaugay, NY
Chatham, NY
Chaumont, NY
Chautauqua, NY
Chazy, NY
Chemung, NY
Chenango Bridge, NY
Chenango Forks, NY
Cherry Creek, NY
Cherry Valley, NY
Chester, NY
Chittenango, NY
Churchville, NY
Cicero, NY
Cincinnatus, NY
Clarence Center, NY
Clarence, NY
Clarendon, NY
Clark Mills, NY
Clarkson, NY
Clarksville, NY
Claverack, NY
Clay, NY
Clayton, NY
Clayville, NY
Cleveland, NY
Clifton Park, NY
Clifton Springs, NY
Clinton, NY
Clintondale, NY
Clyde, NY
Clymer, NY
Cobleskill, NY
Cochecton, NY
Coeymans, NY
Cohocton, NY
Cohoes, NY
Cold Brook, NY
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Cold Spring, NY
Colden, NY
Collins, NY
Colton, NY
Commack, NY
Conesus, NY
Conewango Valley, NY
Congers, NY
Conklin, NY
Constable, NY
Constableville, NY
Constantia, NY
Cooperstown, NY
Copake, NY
Copenhagen, NY
Copiague, NY
Coram, NY
Corfu, NY
Corinth, NY
Corning, NY
Cornwall On Hudson, NY
Cornwall, NY
Cortland, NY
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Coxsackie, NY
Cragsmoor, NY
Croghan, NY
Crompond, NY
Croton On Hudson, NY
Crown Point, NY
Cuba, NY
Cutchogue, NY
Dannemora, NY
Dansville, NY
Darien Center, NY
Davenport, NY
Dayton, NY
De Kalb Junction, NY
De Peyster, NY
De Ruyter, NY
Deer Park, NY
Deferiet, NY
Delanson, NY
Delevan, NY
Delhi, NY
Delmar, NY
Denmark, NY
Depauville, NY
Depew, NY
Deposit, NY
Dexter, NY
Dickinson Center, NY
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Dolgeville, NY
Dover Plains, NY
Dresden, NY
Dryden, NY
Duanesburg, NY
Dundee, NY
Dunkirk, NY
Durham, NY
Eagle Bay, NY
Eagle Bridge, NY
Earlville, NY
East Aurora, NY
East Bloomfield, NY
East Greenbush, NY
East Hampton, NY
East Islip, NY
East Marion, NY
East Meadow, NY
East Moriches, NY
East Nassau, NY
East Northport, NY
East Norwich, NY
East Otto, NY
East Quogue, NY
East Randolph, NY
East Rochester, NY
East Rockaway, NY
East Syracuse, NY
East Williamson, NY
Eastchester, NY
Eastport, NY
Eaton, NY
Eden, NY
Edmeston, NY
Edwards, NY
Elba, NY
Elbridge, NY
Elizabethtown, NY
Ellenburg, NY
Ellenville, NY
Ellicottville, NY
Ellington, NY
Ellisburg, NY
Elma, NY
Elmira, NY
Elmont, NY
Elmsford, NY
Endicott, NY
Endwell, NY
Erin, NY
Esopus, NY
Esperance, NY
Essex, NY
Evans Mills, NY
Fabius, NY
Fair Haven, NY
Fairport, NY
Falconer, NY
Fallsburg, NY
Farmingdale, NY
Farmington, NY
Farmingville, NY
Farnham, NY
Fayette, NY
Fayetteville, NY
Fine, NY
Fishers Island, NY
Fishkill, NY
Fleischmanns, NY
Floral Park, NY
Florida, NY
Fonda, NY
Forestburgh, NY
Forestport, NY
Forestville, NY
Fort Ann, NY
Fort Covington, NY
Fort Drum, NY
Fort Edward, NY
Fort Johnson, NY
Fort Montgomery, NY
Fort Plain, NY
Frankfort, NY
Franklin Square, NY
Franklin, NY
Franklinville, NY
Fredonia, NY
Freedom, NY
Freeport, NY
Freeville, NY
Fremont Center, NY
Frewsburg, NY
Friendship, NY
Fulton, NY
Fultonville, NY
Gainesville, NY
Galway, NY
Garden City, NY
Gardiner, NY
Gasport, NY
Geneseo, NY
Geneva, NY
Genoa, NY
Georgetown, NY
Germantown, NY
Gerry, NY
Ghent, NY
Gilbertsville, NY
Gilboa, NY
Glasco, NY
Glen Cove, NY
Glen Head, NY
Glens Falls, NY
Glenwood Landing, NY
Gloversville, NY
Gorham, NY
Goshen, NY
Gouverneur, NY
Gowanda, NY
Grafton, NY
Grand Island, NY
Granville, NY
Great Bend, NY
Great Neck, NY
Great River, NY
Great Valley, NY
Greene, NY
Greenfield Center, NY
Greenlawn, NY
Greenport, NY
Greenvale, NY
Greenville, NY
Greenwich, NY
Greenwood Lake, NY
Greenwood, NY
Greig, NY
Groton, NY
Groveland, NY
Guilderland, NY
Guilford, NY
Hadley, NY
Hagaman, NY
Hague, NY
Hamburg, NY
Hamden, NY
Hamilton, NY
Hamlin, NY
Hammond, NY
Hammondsport, NY
Hampton Bays, NY
Hampton, NY
Hancock, NY
Hannibal, NY
Harford, NY
Harpersfield, NY
Harriman, NY
Harris, NY
Harrison, NY
Harrisville, NY
Hartford, NY
Hartsdale, NY
Hartwick, NY
Hastings On Hudson, NY
Hastings, NY
Hauppauge, NY
Haverstraw, NY
Hawthorne, NY
Hector, NY
Hempstead, NY
Henderson, NY
Henrietta, NY
Herkimer, NY
Hermon, NY
Heuvelton, NY
Hewlett, NY
Hicksville, NY
High Falls, NY
Highland Falls, NY
Highland Mills, NY
Highland, NY
Hillburn, NY
Hillsdale, NY
Hilton, NY
Hinsdale, NY
Hobart, NY
Holbrook, NY
Holland Patent, NY
Holland, NY
Holley, NY
Holtsville, NY
Homer, NY
Honeoye Falls, NY
Hoosick Falls, NY
Hoosick, NY
Hopewell Junction, NY
Hornell, NY
Horseheads, NY
Houghton, NY
Howard Beach, NY
Hudson Falls, NY
Hudson, NY
Hume, NY
Hunter, NY
Huntington Station, NY
Huntington, NY
Hurley, NY
Hyde Park, NY
Ilion, NY
Indian Lake, NY
Inlet, NY
Interlaken, NY
Inwood, NY
Irvington, NY
Island Park, NY
Islandia, NY
Islip Terrace, NY
Islip, NY
Ithaca, NY
Jackson Heights, NY
Jamesport, NY
Jamestown, NY
Jasper, NY
Java Center, NY
Jay, NY
Jefferson Valley, NY
Jefferson, NY
Jeffersonville, NY
Jericho, NY
Jewett, NY
Johnsburg, NY
Johnson City, NY
Johnstown, NY
Jordan, NY
Keene, NY
Keeseville, NY
Kendall, NY
Kent, NY
Kerhonkson, NY
Kinderhook, NY
Kings Park, NY
Kingston, NY
Kirkwood, NY
Knox, NY
La Fargeville, NY
La Fayette, NY
Lacona, NY
Lake George, NY
Lake Grove, NY
Lake Katrine, NY
Lake Luzerne, NY
Lake Placid, NY
Lake Pleasant, NY
Lake View, NY
Lakewood, NY
Lancaster, NY
Lansing, NY
Larchmont, NY
Laurel, NY
Laurens, NY
Lawrence, NY
Le Roy, NY
Lee Center, NY
Leeds, NY
Leicester, NY
Leon, NY
Levittown, NY
Lewis, NY
Lewiston, NY
Lexington, NY
Liberty, NY
Lima, NY
Limestone, NY
Lincolndale, NY
Lindenhurst, NY
Lindley, NY
Lisbon, NY
Lisle, NY
Little Falls, NY
Little Valley, NY
Liverpool, NY
Livingston Manor, NY
Livingston, NY
Livonia, NY
Locke, NY
Lockport, NY
Locust Valley, NY
Lodi, NY
Long Beach, NY
Long Lake, NY
Lorraine, NY
Lowville, NY
Lynbrook, NY
Lyndonville, NY
Lyon Mountain, NY
Lyons Falls, NY
Lyons, NY
Macedon, NY
Machias, NY
Madison, NY
Madrid, NY
Mahopac, NY
Maine, NY
Malden Bridge, NY
Malone, NY
Malverne, NY
Mamaroneck, NY
Manchester, NY
Manhasset, NY
Manlius, NY
Mannsville, NY
Manorville, NY
Marathon, NY
Marcellus, NY
Marcy, NY
Margaretville, NY
Marilla, NY
Marion, NY
Marlboro, NY
Martinsburg, NY
Maryland, NY
Masonville, NY
Massapequa Park, NY
Massapequa, NY
Massena, NY
Mastic Beach, NY
Mastic, NY
Mattituck, NY
Maybrook, NY
Mayfield, NY
Mayville, NY
Mc Donough, NY
Mc Graw, NY
Mechanicville, NY
Medford, NY
Medina, NY
Medusa, NY
Melrose, NY
Melville, NY
Mendon, NY
Meridian, NY
Merrick, NY
Mexico, NY
Mid Island, NY
Middleburgh, NY
Middleport, NY
Middlesex, NY
Middletown, NY
Middleville, NY
Milford, NY
Mill Neck, NY
Millbrook, NY
Miller Place, NY
Millerton, NY
Millport, NY
Milton, NY
Mineola, NY
Minerva, NY
Minetto, NY
Mineville, NY
Minoa, NY
Mohawk, NY
Moira, NY
Monroe, NY
Monsey, NY
Montauk, NY
Montezuma, NY
Montgomery, NY
Monticello, NY
Montour Falls, NY
Mooers, NY
Moravia, NY
Moriah, NY
Moriches, NY
Morris, NY
Morrisonville, NY
Morristown, NY
Morrisville, NY
Mount Kisco, NY
Mount Morris, NY
Mount Sinai, NY
Mount Vernon, NY
Munnsville, NY
Nanuet, NY
Napanoch, NY
Naples, NY
Narrowsburg, NY
Nassau, NY
Natural Bridge, NY
Nedrow, NY
Nelliston, NY
Nesconset, NY
Neversink, NY
New Baltimore, NY
New Berlin, NY
New City, NY
New Hartford, NY
New Haven, NY
New Hyde Park, NY
New Lebanon, NY
New Lisbon, NY
New Paltz, NY
New Rochelle, NY
New Suffolk, NY
New Windsor, NY
New York Mills, NY
New York, NY
Newark Valley, NY
Newark, NY
Newburgh, NY
Newcomb, NY
Newfane, NY
Newfield, NY
Newport, NY
Niagara Falls, NY
Nichols, NY
Niverville, NY
Norfolk, NY
North Babylon, NY
North Bay, NY
North Boston, NY
North Collins, NY
North Hudson, NY
North Norwich, NY
North Salem, NY
North Tonawanda, NY
Northport, NY
Northville, NY
Norwich, NY
Norwood, NY
Nunda, NY
Nyack, NY
Oakdale, NY
Oakfield, NY
Oceanside, NY
Odessa, NY
Ogdensburg, NY
Olcott, NY
Old Bethpage, NY
Old Westbury, NY
Olean, NY
Oneida, NY
Oneonta, NY
Ontario, NY
Orangeburg, NY
Orchard Park, NY
Orient, NY
Oriskany Falls, NY
Oriskany, NY
Orwell, NY
Ossining, NY
Oswegatchie, NY
Oswego, NY
Otego, NY
Otisville, NY
Otto, NY
Ovid, NY
Owego, NY
Oxford, NY
Oyster Bay, NY
Painted Post, NY
Palatine Bridge, NY
Palenville, NY
Palmyra, NY
Panama, NY
Parish, NY
Parishville, NY
Patchogue, NY
Patterson, NY
Pavilion, NY
Pearl River, NY
Peconic, NY
Peekskill, NY
Pelham, NY
Penfield, NY
Penn Yan, NY
Perry, NY
Perrysburg, NY
Peru, NY
Petersburg, NY
Phelps, NY
Philadelphia, NY
Philmont, NY
Phoenicia, NY
Phoenix, NY
Piercefield, NY
Piermont, NY
Pike, NY
Pine Bush, NY
Pine Hill, NY
Pine Plains, NY
Pitcher, NY
Pittsford, NY
Plainview, NY
Plattekill, NY
Plattsburgh, NY
Pleasant Valley, NY
Pleasantville, NY
Plymouth, NY
Poestenkill, NY
Point Lookout, NY
Poland, NY
Pomona, NY
Pompey, NY
Port Byron, NY
Port Chester, NY
Port Ewen, NY
Port Henry, NY
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Port Jefferson, NY
Port Jervis, NY
Port Leyden, NY
Port Washington, NY
Portageville, NY
Porter Corners, NY
Portland, NY
Portville, NY
Potsdam, NY
Poughkeepsie, NY
Pound Ridge, NY
Prattsburgh, NY
Prattsville, NY
Preble, NY
Preston Hollow, NY
Prospect, NY
Pulaski, NY
Pulteney, NY
Putnam Station, NY
Putnam Valley, NY
Quogue, NY
Randolph, NY
Ransomville, NY
Ravena, NY
Reading Center, NY
Red Creek, NY
Red Hook, NY
Redfield, NY
Redford, NY
Redwood, NY
Remsen, NY
Remsenburg, NY
Rensselaer Falls, NY
Rensselaer, NY
Rensselaerville, NY
Rhinebeck, NY
Richburg, NY
Richfield Springs, NY
Richford, NY
Richland, NY
Richmond Hill, NY
Richmondville, NY
Richville, NY
Ridge, NY
Rifton, NY
Ripley, NY
Riverhead, NY
Rochester, NY
Rock Hill, NY
Rockville Centre, NY
Rocky Point, NY
Rodman, NY
Rome, NY
Romulus, NY
Ronkonkoma, NY
Roosevelt, NY
Roscoe, NY
Rose, NY
Roseboom, NY
Rosendale, NY
Roslyn Heights, NY
Roslyn, NY
Rotterdam Junction, NY
Round Lake, NY
Rouses Point, NY
Roxbury, NY
Rush, NY
Rushford, NY
Rushville, NY
Russell, NY
Rye, NY
Sackets Harbor, NY
Sag Harbor, NY
Sagaponack, NY
Saint Bonaventure, NY
Saint James, NY
Saint Johnsville, NY
Salamanca, NY
Salem, NY
Salisbury Center, NY
Sand Lake, NY
Sandy Creek, NY
Sangerfield, NY
Saranac Lake, NY
Saranac, NY
Saratoga Springs, NY
Sardinia, NY
Saugerties, NY
Savannah, NY
Savona, NY
Sayville, NY
Scarsdale, NY
Schaghticoke, NY
Schenectady, NY
Schodack Landing, NY
Schoharie, NY
Schroon Lake, NY
Schuyler Falls, NY
Schuyler Lake, NY
Schuylerville, NY
Scio, NY
Scipio Center, NY
Scottsville, NY
Sea Cliff, NY
Seaford, NY
Selden, NY
Seneca Falls, NY
Shandaken, NY
Sharon Springs, NY
Shelter Island Heights, NY
Shelter Island, NY
Shenorock, NY
Sherburne, NY
Sheridan, NY
Sherman, NY
Sherrill, NY
Shirley, NY
Shokan, NY
Shoreham, NY
Shortsville, NY
Shrub Oak, NY
Sidney, NY
Silver Creek, NY
Silver Springs, NY
Sinclairville, NY
Skaneateles, NY
Sloatsburg, NY
Smyrna, NY
Sodus Point, NY
Sodus, NY
Somers, NY
Sound Beach, NY
South Dayton, NY
South Fallsburg, NY
South Glens Falls, NY
Southampton, NY
Southold, NY
Speculator, NY
Spencer, NY
Spencerport, NY
Spring Valley, NY
Springville, NY
Staatsburg, NY
Stafford, NY
Stamford, NY
Stanfordville, NY
Star Lake, NY
Stephentown, NY
Sterling, NY
Stillwater, NY
Stockton, NY
Stone Ridge, NY
Stony Brook, NY
Stony Creek, NY
Stony Point, NY
Stratford, NY
Stuyvesant, NY
Suffern, NY
Summit, NY
Sylvan Beach, NY
Syosset, NY
Syracuse, NY
Tannersville, NY
Tappan, NY
Tarrytown, NY
Theresa, NY
Thiells, NY
Thompsonville, NY
Thornwood, NY
Ticonderoga, NY
Tillson, NY
Tioga Center, NY
Tomkins Cove, NY
Tonawanda, NY
Tribes Hill, NY
Troupsburg, NY
Troy, NY
Trumansburg, NY
Truxton, NY
Tuckahoe, NY
Tully, NY
Tupper Lake, NY
Turin, NY
Tuxedo Park, NY
Tyrone, NY
Ulster Park, NY
Unadilla, NY
Union Hill, NY
Union Springs, NY
Uniondale, NY
Unionville, NY
Utica, NY
Vails Gate, NY
Valatie, NY
Valhalla, NY
Valley Cottage, NY
Valley Falls, NY
Valley Stream, NY
Van Buren Point, NY
Van Etten, NY
Vernon, NY
Verona, NY
Verplanck, NY
Vestal, NY
Victor, NY
Victory Mills, NY
Voorheesville, NY
Waddington, NY
Wading River, NY
Wainscott, NY
Walden, NY
Wales Center, NY
Walker Valley, NY
Wallkill, NY
Walton, NY
Walworth, NY
Wampsville, NY
Wantagh, NY
Wappingers Falls, NY
Warrensburg, NY
Warsaw, NY
Warwick, NY
Washington Mills, NY
Washingtonville, NY
Waterford, NY
Waterloo, NY
Watertown, NY
Waterville, NY
Watervliet, NY
Watkins Glen, NY
Waverly, NY
Wawarsing, NY
Wayland, NY
Wayne, NY
Webster, NY
Weedsport, NY
Wells, NY
Wellsburg, NY
Wellsville, NY
West Babylon, NY
West Bloomfield, NY
West Haverstraw, NY
West Hempstead, NY
West Hurley, NY
West Islip, NY
West Monroe, NY
West Nyack, NY
West Point, NY
West Sand Lake, NY
West Sayville, NY
West Winfield, NY
Westbury, NY
Westerlo, NY
Westernville, NY
Westfield, NY
Westford, NY
Westhampton Beach, NY
Westhampton, NY
Westmoreland, NY
Westons Mills, NY
Westport, NY
White Plains, NY
Whitehall, NY
Whitesboro, NY
Whitney Point, NY
Willet, NY
Williamson, NY
Williamstown, NY
Williston Park, NY
Willsboro, NY
Wilmington, NY
Wilson, NY
Windham, NY
Windsor, NY
Wolcott, NY
Woodbury, NY
Woodhull, NY
Woodmere, NY
Woodridge, NY
Woodstock, NY
Worcester, NY
Wurtsboro, NY
Wyandanch, NY
Wynantskill, NY
Wyoming, NY
Yaphank, NY
Yonkers, NY
York, NY
Yorkshire, NY
Yorktown Heights, NY
Yorkville, NY
Youngstown, NY

All counties in New York

Albany County, NY
Allegany County, NY
Bronx County, NY
Broome County, NY
Cattaraugus County, NY
Cayuga County, NY
Chautauqua County, NY
Chemung County, NY
Chenango County, NY
Clinton County, NY
Columbia County, NY
Cortland County, NY
Delaware County, NY
Dutchess County, NY
Erie County, NY
Essex County, NY
Franklin County, NY
Fulton County, NY
Genesee County, NY
Greene County, NY
Hamilton County, NY
Herkimer County, NY
Jefferson County, NY
Kings County, NY
Lewis County, NY
Livingston County, NY
Madison County, NY
Monroe County, NY
Montgomery County, NY
Nassau County, NY
New York County, NY
Niagara County, NY
Oneida County, NY
Onondaga County, NY
Ontario County, NY
Orange County, NY
Orleans County, NY
Oswego County, NY
Otsego County, NY
Putnam County, NY
Queens County, NY
Rensselaer County, NY
Richmond County, NY
Rockland County, NY
Saint Lawrence County, NY
Saratoga County, NY
Schenectady County, NY
Schoharie County, NY
Schuyler County, NY
Seneca County, NY
Steuben County, NY
Suffolk County, NY
Sullivan County, NY
Tioga County, NY
Tompkins County, NY
Ulster County, NY
Warren County, NY
Washington County, NY
Wayne County, NY
Westchester County, NY
Wyoming County, NY
Yates County, NY

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Dream Boyz

1. The founder, Steve Kim, is a former Chippendales dancer who performed all over the world for fifteen years. In 2010 he launched Wild Entertainment, a lux agency offering exotic entertainment for men, women and LGBT.

2. Dream Boyz is a division of Wild Entertainment.

3. Wild Entertainment averages 4.8 stars on Google

4. Wild Entertainment has an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau.

5. Dream Boyz always sends you the Stripper you order.  We never “bait and switch” like most of our competition!

6. We use actual recent photos (we don’t mislead)

7. We only hire the best of the best. We don’t hire flakes or people with bad attitudes.

8. We perform background checks for your safety.

9. The dancers from top male revues and female burlesque shows work for us.

10. We accept most forms of payment, including Venmo, Cash App, Zell, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

11. We have a refund policy of the booking fee.

12. Our LGBT dancers actually show up (we won’t let you down!)