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Our Virtual Dream Boyz are perfect for what you’re looking for. We have many open minded guys who can indulge in many various fetishes and fantasies that you might be interested in. Our Dream Boyz can be booked online for a live show or you can request them to create a custom fantasy video just for you!

Reasons to get a Virtual Dream Boy
We’ve received many calls and emails asking for virtual stripshows. The reasons are as follows:

  • Some customers want to give their best friend a gift they’ve never been given before. 
  • Others just want to interact with our bunnies online and get to know them prior to booking them.
  • Whatever fetish or fantasy you have, we can deliver!  
  • Now you can have attractive female playmate who can play out these fantasies with you.
  • A personalized sexy, funny, and maybe even raunchy video from one of our famous Love Bunnies.
  • Or you can have the sexy girl get naked and dance live on webcam and in real time.
  • Now your friend can interact with the dancer while she gives him personal one-on-one attention 😉  
  • If you ever wanted to impress someone, give them the virtual gift that they will never forget!
Prices & Options
  • Rates & Options

    • $200 for 30 minutes
    • $300 for one hour
    • Can be live or pre-recorded (your choice)

    Examples of Fetishes 

    • Impact Play
    • Role Playing
    • Foot Fetish
    • Anal Toys
    • Lingerie
    • Sensation Play
    • Bondage
    • Psychological Play
    • Voyeurism
    • Fire & Ice Show
    • Dominatrix
    • Smoking
    • Financial Domination
    • Adult Baby / Cuddling
    • Bondage

    Examples of Fantasies

    • Naughty Schoolteacher
    • Bad Stepmom
    • Abusive Boss
    • Dirty Cheerleader
    • Nurse Betty

    *All services are performed within legal reason 

Ready to book?



What's a bachelor party like?

Imagine opening the hotel door and inviting five of the hottest men into your suite. They are all dressed up and excited to meet you and your friends. The introductions begin and everyone is getting excited. The Bachelor Boyz retreat to change into a more sexy attire while the guys are quickly grabbing their stacks of cash and finding the best seats in the room. Are you ready for the time of your life? The anticipation is making you sweat, the music is so loud all you can hear is bass. We’re about to set off the fire alarms, it’s gonna get HOT. Here come the Dream Boyz, prancing their hot assets all over the room. Don’t blink for one second.. He just dropped to the floor and did the splits! Another one is doing a headstand on the bachelors lap.. You can’t even believe this is happening, it’s like a dream come true. Why do a boring shot at a club when you can do a sexy, one on one, shot with a Dream Boy. Don’t pay for overpriced drinks at the club, pay $20 for a bottle of Titos at the store and get your own mixers.

Boyz are playing dirty games, teasing your curiosities, and best of all, giving you the best dances of your life. Want to really go out with a bang? Watch our signature sex show and I’ll watch you wipe the drool from your mouth. Make it rain on the Bachelor Boyz during the show and watch them get even wilder! Our dancers have amazing chemistry with each other. Who wouldn’t want to watch them please and tease? Your party isn’t a party without the Dream Boyz. Period! Celebrate your these rare, special moments with your friends Magic Mike style. You’ll go down as a legend, you will be known as the hero in your group FOREVER.